Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hey! I am taking up requests!!!! If you would like a recipe to a dish that I have not posted on here before just leave a comment with what you would like and I will come up with a REALLY good recipe!!!! Make sure to tell your friends and family about my blog!!!! THXS!!! :)



Becky R said...

How about a corn, coconut, and soy free cake or cupcake? Jason is allergic to them. That means no corn syrup or coconut oil or veggie oil (it can have soy or corn and not be labeled.) Olive and sunflower oil is ok. You can test it on your siblings and if they like it I can make it for Jason. That would be cool.

Becky R said...

Especially a frosting that is free of soy, corn, and coconut all the store brands have one, two, or three of those ingreidients. Vanilla or chocholate.